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Issue 19: What Do We Affirm In Our Client When Things Aren’t Going Well?

For those of you who are seasoned practitioners, you will be familiar with the very bumpy road that is characteristic of our clients’ behaviour change process. If you are new to facilitating change in others I am sure that a minute of self reflection will confirm that even (or particularly!) for ourselves, ‘being’ different and ‘doing’ different is hard work requiring energy, focus and commitment.

It is not uncommon for our clients to share ‘problem saturated stories’ of repeated experiences of failure, lack of hope or even reluctance to be visiting our office to meet with us. It can be a genuine challenge to our skill of affirming to seek out our clients’ strengths to reflect back to them when there’s seemingly nothing ‘going right’. The paradox is of course, that this can be a powerful time to do it. Demonstrating our willingness to notice capacity and capability in our client when they cannot see it for themselves can be a strong alliance builder.

So where to start?

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Issue 17: Identifying Strengths in Our Clients and Ourselves

In Issue 16: Working With Our Clients’ Strengths, I finished up with the following suggestion for reflection:

If you are new to affirming you may like to practice by:

reflecting on the strengths of each of your current clients
writing two or three strengths in each of your clients files
experiment with affirming your client in their next session….just once
Following on from a group discussion in the last training workshop, I thought it may be valuable to list some examples of strengths and attributes we may encounter in our clients.

Below is a list you may like to consider and reflect on. It is largely inspired by ‘The Library of Strengths’ in Stephanie Dowrick’s book Choosing Happiness (Penguin 2007). Download to contemplate more…..

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