Recommended Books

A comprehensive library of supportive books for Eating Disorder Recovery can be accessed here at the Eating Diorders Victoria website.

The following books are especially recommended for emotional eating and yo-yo dieting:

If Not Dieting Then What? Dr Rick Kausman. Allen and Unwin 1998

Rick’s book is an essential read for anyone working to understand their eating behaviours and break free of the yo-yo diet cycle. This book is truly insightful and grounded in real stories that help people struggling, on their own, to re-join a community of people who have successfully changed their relationship with food. Just like Rick himself, this book is wonderfully genuine and talks truthfully about what is possible.

Diet No More! Jenny and Judith McFadden

I first attended Jenny and Judiths’ workshop for  ‘Diet No More’ back in 1996 and I can still recall the thrill it gave me to finally hear someone talk sense about eating and body weight. ‘Diet No More’ was the beginning of my re-education as a Dietitian. This book is practical, easy to read, funny and encouraging.

Find Your Happetite. Sue Zbornik. Motivational Press 2011.

Sue has been a guiding light for so many Australian women and girls searching for a way out of their disordered eating. Her book offers women everywhere the opportunity to learn from her wisdom and years of experience. A true independent thinker and brave human being. Thank you Sue.

Eating In The Light of The Moon​

Dr Anita Johnston has written a truly unique book for women in Eating In The Light of The Moon. Drawing on myth, legend and rich cultural narratives, she invites women to see their eating in a much deeper context to truly understand the messages hidden in our relationship with food, our body and feminine power. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Anita speak in person – Take it! She is inspiring.

Supportive On-line Resources


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