Professional Boundaries Workshop

Understanding Professional Boundaries: Working Sustainably & Ethically with Clients in Contemporary Dietetic Practice

Upcoming Dates

May 5th – 6th 9am – 1.30pm AEST 2022 ONLINE Workshop SOLD OUT

July 28th – 29th 9am – 1.30pm AEST 2022 Online Workshop DOWNLOAD FLYER

August 29th – 30th 9am – 1.30pm AEST 2022 Online Workshop DOWNLOAD FLYER

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About the Workshop

Attending this workshop (or equivalent) is a pre-requisite for the Supervision for Dietitians Workshop.
The scope of Dietetics is changing as the profession becomes more engaged in looking beyond the science of nutrition to work motivationally & behaviourally with clients. The role of professional boundaries (PBs) in assuring quality care, are becoming more important than ever in this evolving workplace.
This workshop will facilitate the exploration of a variety of issues that can challenge a Dietitian’s PBs when working with clients experiencing complex issues in contemporary practice such as disordered eating, poor mental health and chronic multimorbidity. These challenges can include:
•session time management
•out of hours contacts
•social media
•dual relationships
•assisting highly distressed or seriously ill clients
•being mindful of the line between eating behaviour counselling and more broadly focused therapy.
Through discussion, case review, reflection & demonstration, this workshop aims to invite attendees to become more aware of their responsibility in containing complex work effectively whilst managing their own self-care and burn out risk. The role of reflective practice & supervision will be explored to maintain safety and integration of learning post w’shop.
Workshop registration includes a digital copy of the course workbook which will need to be printed by each attendee privately.