Nutrition & Eating Behaviour Counselling

Please note: Tara is not currently taking new clients for this service at her practice.

Tara provides specialist dietetic guidance for overcoming the following issues:

  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia nervosa
  • binge eating
  • disordered eating
  • yo-yo dieting
  • emotional eating
  • weight and shape concern

In practical terms, Tara’s dietetic clients usually attend for help with:

  • Learning when to start eating and when to stop eating
  • Improving confidence in selecting satisfying and nourishing foods
  • Collaborative development of a meal plan (if needed)
  • Enjoying a broad variety of foods
  • Restoring nutritional health
  • Eating sociably
  • Managing ‘food obsession’
  • Addressing food fears and diet myths
  • Worry about body weight and shape
  • Normalising eating behaviours in the context of medical issues such as diabetes or food intolerance

To learn more about the experience of working with Tara you are welcome to read more here.

Please note that Tara provides a specialist service for adult clients. Clients must be over 18 and no longer at school.