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Practice Pavestones Newsletter

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Practice Pavestones Newsletter is a FREE resource for Health and Counselling Professionals. The newsletter is produced to support practitioners to develop sound client centered counselling skills to facilitate effective client engagement and behaviour change.

Newsletter topics feature discussions about various counselling theories, illustrations of the micro-skills of delivery and ideas for trouble shooting.  The editorial has a particular focus on Motivational Interviewing and includes links for ongoing learning and suggestions for reflections to incorporate into reflective practice and supervision. Practice Pavestones aims to be informative, encouraging and a bit of fun!

Designed to be universally useful across a broad spectrum of behaviour counselling contexts, Practice Pavestones is particularly relevant for practitioners wanting to incorporate or deepen their non-diet/ HAES® orientation and for those who work with clients’ eating behaviours.

Practice Pavestones Newsletter celebrated its inaugural issue in December 2013 and has continued to grow every month with new issues, new discussions and new subscribers. The newsletter evolved to a seasonal format in 2019.

Each newsletter issue is now published in the blog page for easy revision and access to archives. You can click through to the blog page here.

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