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In any modality of behaviour change counselling we need a direction, something to focus on with our client in order to be producitve. What is particularly emphasised in Motivational Interviewing is the HOW and the WHY of finding a focus.

In the HOW, MI encourages that it is very important that we find direction collaboratively with the client. Asking the client what matters to them and what they would appreciate help with is central to demonstrating the spirit of Motivational Interviewing.

The HOW of Focusing may sound pretty straight forward. Something has brought your client into your office and so we may assume they have something they want to focus on with us. Well, as they say: ‘It ain’t necessarily so!’.

Last week I received a fabulous question from a subscriber which brought a possible Focusing challenge to life. With her permission I will share her question here:

Could you please direct me to a past issue of Pavestones that might look at how to move forward with client who says they are ‘doing everything but not getting results’ but who I suspect isn’t [doing everything]?

Great question!

How on earth do we stay along side our client and find something to work on when they present as ‘all good’ and we have well founded concerns things are not going so well? Read on to find out more.

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