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Thanks for all of your great feedback from Issue 1 of Practice Pavestones. Following on from this issue I had a number of readers ask a very similar question regarding how to remain client centered whilst also providing advice. This is such a great question I thought I would feature this in Issue 2.

To start, let’s imagine this (real life) scenario.

A client Mary, is nearing the end of her session with her Dietitian. The Dietitian enquires as they are winding up:
‘Mary, I’m wondering what stood out for you today in our discussion? What felt helpful to you?’
Mary reflects, takes a minute and responds
‘You listened to me and you didn’t’ tell me what to do, it is such a relief!’

The client goes on to describe a couple of ideas she has taken from session she would like to work on or pay attention to.

How was this achieved without leaving the client feeling advised? Given the Dietitian is traditionally there to give advice and probably did during various stages of the session – how are we to understand this comment? What is going on!?

Giving advice can be a vital part of being helpful but depending on HOW we do it we can run the risk of disempowering our client or rupturing our working alliance. If you are called upon to advise in your work with clients ………you are encouraged to read on!

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