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I recently had a series of very humbling experiences…..listening to recordings of myself at work with clients. I was required to record several client sessions to analyse my skills for a training application that was due this month. In this process of listening and self analysis (and with mentoring from my Skills Coaches), I discovered that my affirming needed some work.

One thing I was surprised to learn is that when I engage in affirming I can sometimes inadvertently ask a question by ending the affirmation with an upward voice inflection. Easily done (especially if you are an Aussie). Not necessarily harmful but also not particularly helpful.

These recent experiences of mine got me thinking about this next issue. Now that I have lead the way, I thought we might explore ways that we accidentally stuff our affirmations up.

Quick Menu of Affirmation ‘Stuff Ups’

Here’s a wee check list of three easy ways we might go off track when trying to practise the skill of affirming:

Make it about us
Engage ‘Cheer Leading Mode’ (also known as positivity overload)
Inadvertently ask a question (see my ‘Exhibit A’ above!
Download this issue to read some examples of what these ‘stuff ups’ may sound like and some strategies for correcting them…

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