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On December 8, 2013 Issue 1 of Practice Pavestones was sent out to 54 brave subscribers (they signed up without knowing what they were going to get!). Since then we have had 12 monthly editions, a fabulous two day training intensive and the subscription base is now sitting at over 820! Your enthusiastic feedback has been a huge motivator for content and ongoing improvement and development. THANK YOU!

This issue is offering you the opportunity to consolidate and reflect on your learning so far. You can revisit a favourite issue or, for new subscribers, get a chance to catch up on previous issues you may have missed.


A synopsis of issues so far (1-11) with a brief summary of content, link to full issue (click on the issue no.) and a sample reflective question.
A CPD questionnaire so that you can turn your dedicated reading into self-assessed CPD hours for your APD renewal (just around the corner). Scroll down to the purple Pavestone Box to access links to the on-line quiz. As a thank you to all of my subscribers it will be FREE for the next 7 days ONLY so hop on now and assess your professional development hours.
A super competition give away worth up to $360.00 in training….read on in the training announcement below
Special Birthday Messages and ‘Thanks’ to Pavestone VIPs – read on after my sign off in the classifieds section

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