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Focusing: A new way of relating to yourself

Focusing is a form of internal dialogue which welcomes and befriends our inner experience.

Focusing provides a framework for meaningful conversation with ourselves which embodies mindfulness, compassion and kindness and is a very real alternative to the usual ways we might relate to our ‘bad’ emotions or unpleasant thoughts.

Most of us have had plenty of practice pushing away unpleasant feelings or enduring the claims of our inner critic. This is part of the challenge of being human! Whilst very common, patterns of self criticism, anxiety and emotional numbing can chip away at our ability to really engage in life in authentic ways and to feel well in ourselves.

Troublesome eating behaviours can often be a creative way to handle difficult emotions or to settle anxiety, creative and sometimes successful but only ever temporarily, and at a great personal cost. If you are working on changing troublesome eating behaviours, it makes sense that to be successful at this change, alternative ways of soothing yourself or coping with difficulties would be helpful.

Focusing can offer a new way to be with ourselves that can feel so much better – fresher, calmer and accepting. Focusing can bring forth new knowledge, provide strategies to soothe troubled feelings and develop deeply embodied resources. It brings the body along to the process of change and is a beautiful match for the work of developing attuned eating and a healthy integrated mind. Focusing can be a very effective therapeutic tool used to support clients who struggle with the difficult relationship of food and eating.

Tara has been practising Focusing for over a decade and is currently in the final stages of completing her certification in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy and Certification as a Focusing Trainer with The Focusing Institute.

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