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Understanding Professional Boundaries:
Working Sustainably & Ethically with Clients in Contemporary Dietetic Practice
Sept 19th-20th 2024 9am – 1.30pm AEST
Workshop Facilitator: Tara MacGregor PACFA Reg Clinical & APD
About the Workshop

The scope of Dietetics is changing as the profession becomes more engaged in looking beyond the science of nutrition to work motivationally & behaviourally with clients. The role of professional boundaries (PBs) in assuring quality care, are becoming more important than ever in this evolving workplace. This workshop will facilitate the exploration of a variety of issues that can challenge a Dietitian’s PBs when working with clients experiencing complex issues in contemporary practice such as disordered eating, poor mental health and chronic multimorbidity. These challenges can include •confidentiality •session time management •out of hours contacts •social media •dual relationships •assisting highly distressed or seriously ill clients •being mindful of the line between eating behaviour counselling and more broadly focused therapy. Through discussion, case review, reflection & demonstration, this workshop aims to invite attendees to become more aware of their responsibility in containing complex work effectively whilst managing their own self-care and burn out risk. The role of reflective practice & supervision will be explored to maintain safety and integration of learning post w’shop.

What you will learn
At the completion of training, you will be able to:
  • Define professional boundaries (PBs) and identify where they appear in our professional roles and tasks.
  • Identify PBs that are particularly challenging in your work context and nominate practical strategies to manage these specific risks.
  • Practice having difficult conversations with clients when a boundary needs to be identified and set.
  • Apply a formula for assessing your own boundary violation potential.
  • Describe & appreciate the universal, career-long challenge of maintaining PBs.
How this may help you in your work
  • Add essential knowledge and practices to manage your PBs responsively, compassionately & competently.
  • Develop confidence by affirming your current practices that are working well.
  • Enhance the sustainability of your work by acquiring the mind set and practical strategies for improved self-care.
Feedback from APDs attending Understanding Boundaries Workshop
  • ‘This workshop is absolutely essential for every Dietitian who values professional practice – no exceptions.’
  • ‘This workshop was a really good exploration of all those things you struggle with as a Dietitian but never hear about/learn about/read about or never really discuss with colleagues. I really liked the discussions and client examples/stories and actions/outcomes of managing boundaries in different situations. I now know where I need to set better boundaries in my practice and have some clear strategies for doing so, that are congruent with ‘best practice’.
  • This workshop is engaging, clear and stepped through all of the aspects of professional boundaries. I know that my practice will be more sustainable and professional as a result of implementing what I have learned at the Boundaries Workshop.
  • ‘Thought-provoking, and definitely worth attending.’ •‘This was so useful to my work!’.
About the Speaker

Tara is an experienced health professional who has been supporting people to manage the challenges of living with chronic disease and mental health issues in both inpatient and community settings for over 25 years. She is a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Member of PACFA (Psychotherapist & Counsellors Federation of Australia), Member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers), PACFA Accredited Supervisor and an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Tara has a special interest in the clinical area of eating disorders and works within the Health at Every Size ® approach. Tara provides supervision for Health Professionals and is a prominent advocate for the development of a culture of supervision & reflective practice in Australian Dietetics. She is the founder of Dietitian Supervision Resources Australia www.dsra.com.au, a website and community building resource. Tara is recognised for her dedication to excellence in counselling practice through her training services. She brings to her work warmth, humour and a ‘down to earth’ understanding of the real-life challenges of living and working well in the context of modern lives.

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Dietitians at all stages of career. Max 18 participants

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