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Essential Counselling Skills Workshop

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About the Workshop

The Essential Counselling Skills Workshop is a unique learning experience for Dietitians and other Health Professionals wanting to develop their counselling skills and client centered orientation. Numbers are limited to ensure a highly experiential learning format. The workshop provides education on core pieces of theory but the emphasis is on practical skill development through case studies, demonstrations, creative reflection, role play and facilitated group discussions.

At the completion of the workshop attendees are able to:

  • Describe client centered practice and how this differs from being an educator in a medical model practice
  • Place the client centered paradigm in the context of Dietetic practice
  • Demonstrate skills of active listening, reflecting, open questions, affirming and summarizing
  • Challenge and give advice to clients in ways that help them to change
  • Practice appropriate boundaries for scope of practice, self-care and working with emotional clients
  • Identify their strengths and areas for growth in their counselling skill development
  • Access ongoing supervision for skill integration
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How could attending this workshop help you in your work?
  • Be more effective at developing a therapeutic alliance. This will improve the benefit your client receives from your nutrition knowledge.
  • Improve your client retention
  • Have more fun at work and feel more useful in your professional role
  • Help prevent burn out