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Issue 60: Motivational Interviewing as a Base

SUMMER 2021/22

In this issue I share a chapter from my MINT colleague Helen Mentha’s wonderful little book ‘Someone Good to Talk To: Reflections on Motivational Interviewing in Practice ‘.

Helen dedicates her book:
‘For everyone who gave up on the dream of owning a Ferrari and chose to support other people instead’
Helen shares her disarming wisdom with a very unassuming touch and a good dose of funny bone.
I highly recommend Helen’s book for affirming your MI practice in quick reads that feel like a long cool drinks when the challenges of change have you parched. Read on to sample some of Helen’s thoughts and meet Henry, the best doggy eva (in Melbourne that is :-)).

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Issue 59: What are the ‘Basic Truths’ of Health Behaviour Counselling?


In this issue I share an article from the Journal of Critical Dietetics (free access) featuring spectacular insights regarding nutrition counselling relevant to all health professionals. The article will particularly resonate for those of you integrating the spirit and skills of Motivational Interviewing into your health care practice. I hope you enjoy this unique resource for the ongoing development of your practice.

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Issue 58: What Makes us TRULY Helpful?


I am so pleased to be sharing a free access webinar from MINT delivered by Prof Bill Miller at the MINT FORUM in January this year. Many of you familiar with MI will recognise Bill as a highly esteemed contributor to contemporary thought about the art and science of behavior change. He is most well known as one of the originators of Motivational Interviewing with Prof Stephen Rollnick. In this 45 min webinar Bill discusses the data and insights informing his new book written with Terri Moyers regarding current understanding about what truly makes us helpful to people seeking to change behaviors. Spoiler alert: It’s NOT our expert knowledge! If you are seeking a taster I have provided a short synopsis in the editorial.

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Issue 56: Thoughts for a Storm


The world has changed since Pavestones was last in touch…

So much has already been said. We have been saturated by the words ‘unprecedented’, ‘grim milestones’, ‘exponential’, ‘lock down’, ‘quarantine’, ‘outbreak’, ‘second wave’. Now daily words we may have once used rarely, thanks to the pandemic of COVID-19. And if we take a minute to appreciate the felt sense of each of these words, and the seemingly constant news clips that defy belief, t is no wonder we may be all feeling a deep, deep strain.

Where ever you are in the world, I hope you are managing to remain well and steady enough, with patience for also being disoriented, unproductive and truly scared from time to time. And for those of you that are front line workers – that’s many of you: THANK YOU.

On a lighter note…….. here are some words I really hope I never hear again when this is all over: ‘Covetiquette’ (no!!), ‘pivot’ (gahhhhh) ‘ROUTINIZE’. (Routinize?) …and…TELEHEALTH (three weeks of my life I will never get back).

In this editorial I am sharing a deeply resonant and thought provoking piece from Alain De Botton ‘Thoughts For a Storm’. Enjoy De Botton’s characteristic insights and thanks for your patience over the coming months as I take a break from regular posting to transition my business to comply with social distancing.

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