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'The Power, Perils and Pitfalls of Working wth a Meal Plan'

Date: TBA 

This webinar was originally produced in October 2015 for members of The Australian Psychological Society PEWBIG Interest Group to assist practitioners interested in understanding the role of the Dietitian in ED recovery. The webinar content is relevant for all practitioners who assist clients with improving disordered eating.

In this webinar Tara explores the use of the meal plan in eating disorder recovery. Some revision of the physiological impacts of starvation (which underpin the necessity for improved nutrition in ED recovery) is presented. The core focus of the webinar is to explore common dynamics of change that can work for and against the use of a meal plan to support improvements in nutrition status. Attendees are invited to consider aspects of therapeutic alliance and client motivation to enable effective use of the meal plan tool. Limitations of the meal plan and strategies for overcoming these through sound use of evidence based counselling skills are explored.


  • Hi Tara, I am an APD who just attended your webinar and I'd really love to thank you! It made so much sense to me to hear that my role was not just to provide the meal plan but to work with the client to explore what would be helpful. Thank you again so much for your time tonight Tara, I really appreciate it.

    K.P. APD Attendee Perils, Power and Pitfalls of The Meal Plan Oct 2015
  • Listening to Tara MacGregor left me longing for more dietitians like Tara because she has such an amazing grasp of how to respond to struggles with disordered eating, and how to teach others to understand and treat disordered eating behaviors. With great compassion, she is able to comprehend, describe, and address the nutritional issues required for recovery as well as the more subtle, complex underlying issues that are driving the behaviors.  I would love to clone Tara so that more people who struggle with eating difficulties can benefit from her wisdom. 

    Anita Johnston PhD www.DrAnitaJohnston.com Author: Eating in The Light of the Moon

  • The Perils, Power and Pitfalls of the Meal Plan webinar was thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. The content was relevant to all health professionals working in the areas of eating, weight and body image. Tara does a great job of making the content accessible, while also exploring important clinical issues.  


    Sarah Lukeis Health Psychologist Attendee Perils, Power and Pitfalls of the Meal Plan Oct 2015