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Professional Boundaries Workshop

Understanding Professional Boundaries: Working Sustainably & Ethically with Clients in Contemporary Dietetic Practice 

Upcoming Dates

SYDNEY Date to be announced for August/September 2020

About the Workshop

The scope of Dietetics is changing as the profession becomes more engaged in looking beyond the science of nutrition to work motivationally & behaviourally with clients. The role of professional boundaries (PBs) in assuring quality care, are becoming more important than ever in this evolving workplace.
This workshop will facilitate the exploration of a variety of issues that can challenge a Dietitian’s PBs when working with clients experiencing complex issues in contemporary practice such as disordered eating, poor mental health and chronic multimorbidity. These challenges can include:
•session time management
•out of hours contacts
•social media
•dual relationships
•assisting highly distressed or seriously ill clients
•being mindful of the line between eating behaviour counselling and more broadly focused therapy.
Through discussion, case review, reflection & demonstration, this workshop aims to invite attendees to become more aware of their responsibility in containing complex work effectively whilst managing their own self-care and burn out risk. The role of reflective practice & supervision will be explored to maintain safety and integration of learning post w’shop.
Workshop registration includes workbook, CPD quiz and delicious catering.


  • ‘This workshop was inclusive, thought-provoking, challenging and inspirational. It gave me plenty to think about in my own practice.’


    APD Attendee Boundaries Workshop 2017
  • ‘We usually just focus on how to best care for a client, it was great [in this workshop] to expand that to how to care for ourselves, which in turn helps us to care for our clients.’


    APD Attendee Boundaries Workshop 2017
  • ‘The group discussions were very good and enabled us to check in with others on how they do things. We rarely get a chance to do that in practice, and it was tremendously helpful to see how others would do things and why’.


    APD Attendee Boundaries Workshop 2017
  • ‘Thought-provoking and definitely worth attending.’ 

    APD Attendee Boundaries Workshop 2017
  • ‘This workshop was so useful to my work!’. 

    APD Attendee Boundaries Workshop 2017
  • This workshop is absolutely essential for every single Dietitian who values professional practice - no exceptions.

    APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • This workshop was like a warm, safe, supportive hug. I loved that there was such an emphasis on "you're not alone - this happens to all of us".

    C.P. APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • An important part of being a health professional that can get missed is having clear boundaries. I have learnt so much at this workshop about boundaries and how they can be applied.

    APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • This workshop provides an essential missing piece to our training and the way Tara delivers the material and holds the space for everyone's stage of learning is masterful. I never miss Tara's workshops and this was undoubtedly one of the best!

    F.S. APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • If you are working with clients - there is no other space I know of for Dietitians to learn and experience this content. And the content is absolutely necessary! A must for ALL levels of experience and working areas - big for preventing burn out. The content was challenging with plenty of time, permission and safety for personal reflection, to help make the content applicable and appropriate. Really good balance of theory, examples and activities.

    L.G. APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • This was a really great space to explore ideas that are fundamental to our professionalism and practice throughout our careers. And of course a workshop with Tara is always fun.

    T.B. APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • If I was going to learn about professional boundaries there is no-one I would feel more equiped to learn from than Tara. She offers such a safe space to share vulnerabilities and mistakes and always challenges me to be a better clinician.

    APD Attendee Melbourne 2018
  • This workshop covers what every Dietitian needs to know for themselves and clients - everything that we never get taught elsewhere. Highly recommend.

    E.M. Boundaries Workshop Attendee Sydney 2018
  • Increasingly, in the progressive and 'technology busy' world, we find our personal and professional worlds colliding. Tara'a training helps to reinforce our confidence to develop and maintain boundaries so we can be our best professional selves.

    A.S. Boundaries Workshop Attendee Sydney 2018
  • This workshop was a really good exploration of all those things you struggle with as a Dietitian but never hear about/learn about/read about or never really discuss with colleagues. I really liked the discussions and client examples/stories and actions/outcomes of managing boundaries in different situations.

    F.W. Boundaries Workshop Attendee Sydney 2018
  • I now know where I need to set better boundaries in my practice and have some clear strategies for doing so, that are congruent with 'best practice'. This workshop is engaging, clear and stepped through all of the aspects of professional boundaries. I know that my practice will be more sustainable and professional as a result of implementing what I have learned at the Boundaries Workshop.

    L.D. Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist Boundaries Workshop Attendee Sydney 2018