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Motivational Interviewing Events

Tara is a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) and runs introductory training for multidisciplinary Health Professionals on the core skills and spirit of Motivational Interviewing since 2015. In 2016 Tara added an extension class on the Four Processes of MI which can be taken together with the introductory training or seperately at a later date. Tara is available to provide this training for hospitals, health care agencies and corporate health care providers. For more information on contracting Tara to visit your workplace for MI training for your staff please click HERE.

To read more about Motivational Interviewing click through to the 'about' page here

If you are planning on attending an upcoming MI event you are encouraged to book in early. Attendee numbers are capped at 24 and all past MI 1 workshops have SOLD OUT on or prior to early bird closing dates. MI 1 is a pre-requisiste for MI 2 unless you have participated in an all day, experiential MI training within 12 months of attending MI 2.

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About the Workshop

This dynamic workshop aims to provide the essential start-up knowledge for practising effective behaviour change counselling in a one day format. Suitable for all Health Professionals working with behavior change, the workshop provides essential MI theory but is primarily focused on delivering quality, evidence based experiential learning. The training format includes guided paired experientials, video & live demonstrations, real life scenarios and time for individual reflection. Attendees are supported to reflect on their experiences with assisting clients and also their own personal change process to understand what works and what does not when it comes to helping people to change. The experientials and demonstrations affirm each attendees’ own unique developing skill base. This ensures attendees leave with skills that they are confident and excited to implement.  The workshop embodies the ‘Spirit’ of MI by respecting the experience, ideas and learning autonomy of attendees.

What you will learn

At the completion of training you will be able to:

  • Identify from experience roadblocks to facilitating client change in an advisory counselling model
  • Describe and demonstrate the ‘Spirit’ of MI
  • Name, demonstrate and experience the 5 essential ‘Listening Basics’
  • Identify and practice the components of OARS: micro-skills of MI
  • Describe strategies athat can assist effective, client centred providion of information/advice
  • Observe and practise combining MI Spirit and Skill in a real life behavior change counselling session
  • Reflect on your current practice and plan to support your ongoing skill development

How this will help you in your work

  • Press ‘Refresh’ and enjoy a great day with colleagues that is both fun and educational
  • Enhance your confidence in this vital area so that you feel more useful in your role
  • Improve client retention
  • Prevent burn out by getting clearer on what is your job and what is your client’s job

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About The Workshop

Do you work with clients who struggle to make change or who may be described as ‘resistant’? This workshop is designed to take your Motivational Interviewing practice to the next level by affirming and extending on your developing MI skill base. The workshop content is suitable for all Health Practitioners who have completed ‘MI 1: Core Skills and Spirit’ (or other experiential introductory MI training).
Attendees will be guided through the Four Processes of MI which scaffold the behavior change counselling process into specific stages with unique tasks and tools.
The workshop content supports real life application of the Four Processes so that attendees leave with something that is useful and makes sense in their work context. Role plays, videos, live demonstrations & reflection time will illuminate learning to assist with attendee skill integration.
Expect to have some fun along the way! Registration includes full catering, workbook and a kazoo.

What you will learn

At the completion of training you will be able to: 
  • Name the Four Processes of Motivational Interviewing & demonstrate specific skills for each stage
  • Describe & feel how MI uses ‘Spirit’ and OARS to ‘dance’ through the four processes 
  • Identify Evoking as the key process in MI and say why it is integral to effective behavior change counselling 
  • Identify and work with Change Talk, Sustain Talk and Discord (resistance) 
  • Understand why clients ‘become resistant’, how MI reframes this and work with tools that help you to take responsibility as a practitioner for assisting ‘resistant clients’ effectively

How this will help you in your work

  • Feel more confident about working alongside clients ‘who don’t want to change’ 
  • Stop wasting time on strategies that don’t help clients to change 
  • Improve client retention
  • This workshop was  a wonderful way to reflect on your own practice and experiement (in a safe space) a different way of 'being' with clients that is more empowering for both of you

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This workshop was a fabulous intro into MI with great variety over the day that is safe and fun! Tara is warm and accepting

    S.S. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This was a lovely day spent with colleagues and an expert on MI. Not your usual 'lecture' style - very inclusive, comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. The practical/experiential side of the workshop made me feel much more confident about putting things into my practice. The breaks were well timed with plenty of coffee in a beautiful venue.

    A.S. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • I think we have all hit a patch where we feel unfulfilled in our job - we give too much and risk burning out. This workshop re-iterated there is another way and provided another option in consultations. It was a really interactive day, time flew by and I left feeling invigorated about my job and more confident in my ability to guide and assist my clients

    L.G. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This course demonstarted to me how I could improve my counselling skills to generate better results for my clients while also resolving pressures for myself. The day went in a logical, progressive direction with interesting and engaging information

    K.J. APD Attendee Mi Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • Very professionally run training with a great size group. I felt comfortable being involved in all of the activities. The content was a great intro and basic overview of MI.

    C.T. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This workshop was very motivating and inspiring to work in a client centred approach. MI really seems like a good way to achieve better results for the patient

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • Compulsory Training! Very clear, well organised and very skillful presenter

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • I've loved being able to learn where I am making mistakes with speaking and teaching people and being given achievable directions on how to make changes to help people make their changes for health and wellbeing. Thank you! I got a lot out of this day

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • Adding MI to my practice will likely bring very different and positive results and the client will more likely engage and respond to behaviour change. I really enjoyed role playing the new skills and debriefing. I usually dont like role playing at all but this was safe, fun and useful!

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This is a great follow up workshop to attend after the two day Essential Counselling Skills course. It helps to reinforce some of the skills learnt and extend and apply those counselling skills into Motivational Interviewing. It definitely helps me to feel better as a therapist.

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • A brilliant introduction to MI. Tara sets up an interactive and safe environment to experiment with some of the basics of MI. Tara's depth of knowledge and humour shines through.

    S.Z. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • MI Skills are essential to work in a client centred model which is essential for working in HAES approach or NDA. Australia needs more Taras!

    Z.N. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit Feb 2016
  • This workshop was fantastic for developing some basic but hugely valuable MI skills. It's going to revolutionise the way I work with families.

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • If you attend this training you'll experience a wonderful day spent reflecting on your own practice. You'll gain a great deal of insight into how you communicate and get the chance to take home some very practical strategies. You'll want to learn more! The workshop is the perfect length and time will fly. It is so enjoyable!

    K.M. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • This course is great to help with those clients who know what to do for their health but aren't doing it! It gives you skills to help ease out of sticky corners and get clients on the smooth road to positive progress. I had learned some of these skills in a health coaching course and they had got a bit dusty so it has been great to remind myself and affirm how to use them in practice in this workshop. It was great to chat with others in my flield during the breaks. I really appreciated time to stop and reflect and not be bombarded with information. Thank you for making it assessible for CPD points!

    E.S. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • This workshop was brilliantly structured with the perfect balance of information and experiential learning. You'll take home things you can put straight into practice. 

    K.F. MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • This was a really great course and helped me to feel empowered and comfortable to incorporate MI into my practice. I really enjoyed the 'real plays' and I think it allowed a lot of 'aha' moments and also helped us to experience and see that MI can be natural and feel natural.

    D.B. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • This workshop reminded me why I got into Dietetics. Somewhere along the line I forgot. I want to help people better themselves but I forgot that they want that for themselves too. This workshop reminded me of that. I have been so ready to shove information at people but I know that isn't effective at promoting change. I need to take the time to consider what my clients' want and ask if they are wanting to receive the info I can offer.

    APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • Tara presented MI skills and spirit in a way that supports practical knowledge and enhances skills you already have in the area. I liked the experiential real plays which I usually don't like doing at all! I am planning to support staff in my organisation with these MI skills during supervsision and case discussion

    Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • Perfectly balanced, great learning environment, experiential - FANTASTIC!

    M.P. APD Attendee MI Core Skills & Spirit May 2016
  • I found the material in the workshop covered some ground from previous training/short courses I've completed e.g. health coaching but it was packaged in a simpler more user friendly way. I now feel more prepared to build on these skills.

    APD Attendee MI1 MLHD
  • I think this should be essential training for all Health Professionals.The videos on the day were really good examples which drew me into the MI paradigm and explained it well. I saw MI in action on this workshop

    APD Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ Aug 2016
  • A very valuable session. I liked being able to practice the skills. Tara's teaching style was open and approachable and she gave lots of relevant situations i.e. how to apply MI in clinical practice. She passes her wide reaching knowledge with ease. A great session!

    S.G. APD Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ August 2016
  • This was incredibly useful training for any health professional regularly dealing with people with a diagnosis of diabetes. I appreciated the chances to practice in a safe way and the excellent demonstrations in class. This all provided me confidence to start using a new approach that has been shown to be effective to help clients change

    K.E. Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ August 2016
  • THIS WORKSHOP IS A MUST DO FOR ALL DIETITIANS! I liked most the interaction, Tara's role modelling, humour, careful consideration of questions and obvious skills.

    N.J. APD Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ August 2016
  • This was a fantastic, thought provoking workshop to put you in your clients' shoes and re-think traditional nutrition counselling strategies. Tara is an excellent presenter and workshop facilitator. There was a great balance of theory and practice and a 'safe' environment to start practising. The workshop catered for all learning styles which is often overlooked. Great job!

    R.J. Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ August 2016
  • This course is amazing! Every Dietitian should attend this workshop. It will change the way I work with clients. It was well organised and structured and there was a good balance of learning and practising.

    A.O. Attendee MI1 Wellington NZ August 2016
  • Tara's practical, nurturing and hands-on seminars are the perfect taste tester of MI. You don't walk away overwhelmed with info but empowered and equiped with the basics of MI. The real plays provided an opportunity to test out the new skills and I feel like I can start to use these new skills tomorrow!

    N.S. APD Attendee MI 1 & 2 Sydney Oct 2016
  • This workshop is an amazing way to get to grips with MI and most importantly how to use it right away!

    APD Attendee MI 1 & 2 Sydney Oct 2016
  • This workshop will completely change your ideas on how to help your clients. It is light on the academic, heavy on life-time situations. The content provided the right information and guidance to go out and practice. Excellent.

    M.L. APD Attendee MI 1 & 2 Sydney Oct 2016
  • This workshop is a brilliant overview of everything important in the MI model. The training is lots of fun, practical and a great blend of theory and practice. I loved the workbook – lots of practical ideas I can use.


    J.S. AASW MI 2 Attendee Sydney Oct 2016
  • This training helps you to build confidence in counselling. It helps your practice to come more from the heart and genuine open communication.The interactive and experiential teaching style was excellent.

    Attendee MI 1 & 2 Sydney October 2016
  • MI 1 & MI 2 are essential workshops for any practitioners working with ED clients.

    S.Z. APD Attendee MI 2 Sydney October 2016
  • If you are working with behaviour change you NEED to do this training. You will increase your effectiveness, confidence to help and drammatically reduce your own stress. Tara's gentle steady confidence in the skills result in modelling MI in the process of learning about MI. It was so much fun participating in the quirky demo activities.

    S.W. APD Attendee MI 1 & 2 Sydney October 2016