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Guest Speaker Program

Practice Pavestones will be hosting seminars by guest speakers in 2018 to bring innovative ideas for working with eating behaviours to the training market place for Health Practitioners in Australia.

Upcoming Events

Working Effectively with Common Childhood Eating Challenges: An Introduction to the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model

Facilitator: Eve Reed APD

SYDNEY March 14th 2019 Registration & Flyer

About the Workshop

Dietitians and other Health Professionals are regularly presented with parents concerned about their child’s nutritional/eating problems.  These issues typically include ‘overweight’ children, fussy eaters who are not eating a wide variety of foods, children with allergies on restricted diets and children with special needs. 
When working to solve eating, feeding, and growth problems, Health and Nutrition Professionals tend to think in terms of food selection. A fundamental change in feeding relationship training is thinking in terms of the how of feeding, not the ‘what’ and/or ‘how much’ of feeding and eating. This workshop introduces participants to a practical understanding of the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter) and illustrates how children develop eating competence. 
If you feel that the conventional model is not working for you or your clients and you are struggling to ‘get’ parents to change, this workshop will offer you an alternative approach to work more effectively with parents.
Case examples addressing common child nutrition and/or feeding problems will be presented in order to help participants understand the feeding dynamics model.
Workshop registration includes a workbook with CPD quiz & full catering. 

What you will learn

• Interpret growth charts from the fdSatter perspective
• Understand what the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding really means
• Identify what may be interfering with a child’s ability to eat and grow normally
• Strategies to work with parents to prevent their child developing disordered eating and/or ‘dieting’ in the future 
• Appreciation of the central importance of family meals

How this will help you in your work

• Increase your confidence in working with parents
• Give you additional skills to use when addressing parents’ concerns about their children’s eating, weight and mealtime behaviour
• Assist you to become an advocate for the child
• For APDs: accrue self-assessed PD hours for your APD renewal

Working with Women with PCOS: Navigating the Real-Life Challenges

Facilitator: Terrill Bruere APD

Sydney date to be announced for 2019

About the Workshop

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common lifetime condition in women that presents Dietitians with many challenges beyond advice about diet and lifestyle. This one-day workshop aims to increase confidence in navigating the broader issues and difficult conversations we sometimes have to have, while remaining client centred, evidence informed and within our scope of practice. Core challenges the facilitator will explore include issues concerning appetite, hormones, body weight (including realistic expectations), body image and eating disorder risk. Addressing these matters can be a complex process. Sound work in this area walks a skilful line to prevent chronic dieting and eating or exercise disorders in a high-risk population, while helping clients to manage important lifestyle choices. There are learnable ways of doing this well to better support our clients. In this workshop a mixture of practical skills, counselling techniques and self-reflection will be used to explore how we can develop an ethical and effective Dietetic practice that can make a real, long-term difference to our clients with PCOS. Registration includes a workbook with a CPD quiz and full days catering. Class size is capped for your optimal learning experience.



Please keep linked in with Practice Pavestones Newsletter to find out about more training dates as they are announced.

Past Events

Working with Women with PCOS: Navigating the Real-Life Challenges

Facilitator: Terrill Bruere APD

This workshop ran in Melbourne in March 2017, Brisbane March 2018 and will be running again in Sydney 2019. Date coming soon!

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Using Expressive Arts Therapy & HAESĀ® to Address Body Image Dissatisfaction

Facilitator: Dr Deah Schwartz Ed.D MS MA CTRS CCC

This fabulous event ran in Sydney and Melbourne in December 2016.

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Narrative Therapy and Eating Disorder Recovery

Facilitator: Janet Conti PhD

This workshop ran in Sydney November 11th 2016. 

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Working Effectively with Childhood Eating Challenges

Facilitator: Eve Reed APD

This workshop is a solid introduction to the Satter Feeding Dynamics model, facilitated by Australia's only faculty member of The Satter Institute based in the US. The workshop ran in Sydney and Melbourne in July and August 2016 and March 2017 and sold out. Practice Pavestones will be planning to host Eve's work again in 2017/2018.

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Skills and Wisdom for Working with Appetite

Facilitator: Sue Zbornik APD

This workshop ran in Sydney and Melbourne in February 2016 and sold out. Practice Pavestones will be looking to host Sue's work again in 2017

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