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Essential Counselling Skills Workshop

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Upcoming Dates

Workshops for 2016 are now completed. The 2017 schedule will be taking shape by December 2016. Pavestone subscribers will be the first to know of next workshop dates.

About the Workshop

The Essential Counselling Skills Workshop is a unique learning experience for Dietitians and other Health Professionals wanting to develop their counselling skills and client centered orientation. Numbers are limited to ensure a highly experiential learning format. The workshop provides education on core pieces of theory but the emphasis is on practical skill development through case studies, demonstrations, creative reflection, role play and facilitated group discussions. 

At the completion of the workshop attendees are able to:

  • Describe client centered practice and how this differs from being an educator in a medical model practice
  • Place the client centered paradigm in the context of Dietetic practice
  • Demonstrate skills of active listening, reflecting, open questions, affirming and summarizing
  • Challenge and give advice to clients in ways that help them to change
  • Practice appropriate boundaries for scope of practice, self-care and working with emotional clients
  • Identify their strengths and areas for growth in their counselling skill development
  • Access ongoing supervision for skill integration

To read feedback from attendees, scroll down to the testimonial box below.

How could attending this workshop help you in your work?

  • Be more effective at developing a therapeutic alliance. This will improve the benefit your client receives from your nutrition knowledge.
  • Improve your client retention
  • Have more fun at work and feel more useful in your professional role
  • Help prevent burn out

    'The workshop was run really well and I learnt so much about counselling and myself. I'm almost lost for words, it was fantastic. Dietitians should definitely look into this training.'

    APD Attendee Oct 2014
  • 'This was a very well thought out workshop. It is not often you attend a workshop and what you wanted out of it you got. For the first time in a workshop situation I felt completely comfortable and at ease to participate. The workshop teaches essential skills needed as a Dietitian. It is not good enough to see clients using the medical model only and box yourself in to the advice/fixer person. It doesn't help your work as a Dietitian OR the client's health change process. We need to learn how to facilitate the clients journey to better health.'

    APD Attendee Oct 2014

  • 'This was a fabulous two day workshop addressing the client centered approach for Dietitians. I feel I have come out of it with lots of motivation and new skills to start implementing in my practice. The course felt safe to experiment, ask questions and make mistakes without feeling judged'

    APD Attendee June 2015
  • This is an essential counselling course for any Dietitians working in a one-on -one setting. Thank you for a fantastic two days Tara. I'm going away feeling very positive and looking forward to practising the new skills.

    Lucinda APD Attendee Oct 2014

    'This is vital training for all Dietitians - new graduates to experienced APDs'

    J.M APD Attendee Oct 2014

    'This is a fantastic opportunity to build on the skills you already have as a Dietitian and learn how to help clients make changes in a way that will be meaningful for them - just by the way you work.'

    C.W. APD Attendee Oct 2014
  • 'This training well and truly surpassed my expectations! I strongly believe each Dietetics course in Australia needs to incorporate Tara's training into student training if, as a profession, we are going to work in a client centered manner. Tara's training needs to be a core competency, forming the foundation skills for all Dietitians'

    J.S. APD Attendee June 2015

  • 'This was a fantastic, engaging and fun session!  It made me realise how I could improve on what I currently know and take it one step further. I feel inspired, empowered and excited to put what I have learnt into practise. Thank you for pulling me out of my comfort zone!'

    E.B. APD Attendee June 2015

    'The course was really useful. It helped me to challenge my current practice and move towards a more client centered approach. I feel it will really benefit me as a clinician. Tara was fantastic. Everyone should learn these skills!'

    E.M. APD Attendee Oct 2014
  • 'I often leave courses/CPD feeling lost in how to then apply the knowledge. Not this time! The client centered concept is so essential to Dietetic practice I really hope it finds its way more into our training. Everything Tara says makes so much sense and her teaching style and approachability in the 2 day course left me feeling extremely satisfied and excited to apply better counselling skills as of my next day at work.'

    APD Attendee May 2015

    'This is a unique workshop in the fact that it is specifically (but not exclusively) for Dietitians. Tara is certainly knowledgeable and experienced but most importantly role models the skills in her interactions with participants'

    APD Attendee May 2015
  • 'This workshop gave me the time to reflect on what I am currently doing well and highlighted areas which I can improve on, applying to all my clientele. This workshop was very helpful as it focuses on strategies to apply to Dietetics and I found it very useful to hear other clinicians' experiences'

    APD Attendee May 2015

    'You need to attend this course! It really provided the key points in ensuring the client gets what they need from a Dietetic session'


    APD Attendee May 2015
  • 'This course takes our science knowledge, our 'what to do' and transforms it into 'how to do'. The skills developed or enhanced by this course are essential to working in the tricky world of nutrition counselling. Adding these skills to our toolbox will result in so much greater job satisfaction and significantly reduce burnout. I really enjoyed this training, it could have easily gone on longer!' 

    Susan Williams APD Attendee Feb 2015
  • 'I absolutely loved this workshop and would recommend this to all Dietitians. Firstly learning these crucial skills is so important but secondly the environment that Tara creates in the workshops sets up the 'climate' for change within our selves and our practice'.


    APD Attendee Feb 2015 Workshop
  • This is such an inspiring workshop. It really makes you think about your own practice and how it could be improved to benefit you and your clients. As a participant there was so much opportunity to learn and practise, make mistakes and practise some more. Highly recommended to all Dietitians.

    APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016
  • Tara's training provides a very practical update of the skills required to effectively engage clients to find their own solutions to their eating issues. I particularly liked the challenging skills development, practical applications and demonstrations of how to best do it and the script suggestions for how to put some of the concepts into practice within a clinical situation. I'm so glad I've finally been able to come to this training!

    J.S. APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016
  • Finally a training that allows us to use the valuable information we have learnt and put it into action in a meaningful way. My only change I would suggest to this workshop is that it should be included at Uni! The workshop allows lots of time for reflection and I really felt the training modelled the content well. By that I mean Tara modelled the skills and in some ways I felt like I was the client being facilitated through the journey

    APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016
  • Inspiring! Refreshing, practical strategies and skill development for working more effectively with clients

    APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016
  • Tara's wisdom and experience makes for a jam-packed workshop. The small attendance group enabled a rich learning environment where I felt safe to make (and learn from) my mistakes. The experiential learning was an excellent way to demonstrate new skills. I've come away feeling so enriched with new skills and motivated to believe that I am capable of change (with practise!) to ensure my clients get more from our consultations.

    G.L. APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016
  • This workshop will challenge and enable you to develop a reflective practice that is truly client centred, lift the load off the practitioners shoulders and set boundaries for a better work/life balance. It was well organised and engaging, enabling experiences to help me develop my skills and think differently.

    APD Attendee Brisbane June 2016