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Accredited Practising Dietitian
PACFA Accredited Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether attending for eating issues or more broadly focused counselling, Tara’s therapeutic influences will give you an experience of being heard in a safe and accepting environment set to your pace and needs. Tara will collaborate with you throughout your sessions to prioritise and frame what issues require attention and how it may be best to attend to them.You may experience sessions as quite concrete and goal focused or more inquiring and reflective. It really depends on your needs and unique situation.

If you are attending sessions for help with eating behaviours, Tara can support you to look at your eating to assist you to develop awareness that goes beyond simply the nutritional. Her style supports a safe communication between you and your body to help you connect with what your body needs. You will be offered the opportunity to do some talking, listening, thinking, learning, feeling, and moving. There may also be some ‘doing’ in session as Tara guides you through mindful practices including eating and gentle self soothe strategies. Learning about and then practising strategies in session can have profound beneficial effects outside of session where your real life takes place. Affecting your real life in beneficial ways is what good therapy is all about.

If your body is suffering physically as a result of disordered eating, Tara can give staged guidance to help you restore your body’s nutritional health. If you have a sense that your patterns of thinking or feeling are the issue Tara will make space for this to support opportunities for authentic change, to develop through your own insight and practice. If you are already seeing a therapist Tara will support you to take any insights to your primary therapy sessions.

Ultimately coming to session should feel good – safe but challenging, serious minded but with a healthy dose of laughs.

Tara is located in Gordon NSW 2072 on the Sydney's North Shore, close to the railway line.

You are welcome to call 045 999 1788 to make a booking or go through to the Contacts Page here. 

Tara has a wealth of experience working alongside psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals for the benefit of her clients.

If you are already working with a psychologist or therapist,Tara can tailor your sessions to concentrate on well defined goals concerning your eating behaviours and food choices. Tara can guide your sessions to complement your existing and primary therapeutic relationship.

With your permission, Tara will liaise with your therapist to discuss your nutrition counselling sessions to provide you with the optimal continuum of care and congruence of therapeutic strategies. It can be very helpful to bring along to session a referral from your therapist, but this is not essential.

Tara provides a specialist service for adult clients. Clients must be over 18 and no longer at school.

This varies tremendously on your needs and reason for seeking help. Tara will assist you to work out what session-frequency will give you the best opportunities to achieve the change you want to see in your life.

You may find it helpful to consider:

  • Clients seeing Tara for assistance with issues such as chronic, yo-yo dieting may achieve significant change within 6 – 8 sessions that may initially start weekly and then reduce in frequency.
  • If you are already seeing a psychologist or counsellor your sessions with Tara will likely be fortnightly or less frequent. These can be reduced once your confidence in achieving your eating behaviour or nutritional health goals develop. For clients who’s physical health is at risk – weekly, half hour sessions can be very effective.
  • Clients attending for counselling support for long term troublesome eating or broader personal issues may chose to attend regular sessions over some months.
  • ……and then there will be ‘you’………..

For Clinical Supervision services it is recommended to attend a minimum of monthly sessions for delivery of effective support and professional development

You do not need a Doctor’s referral to make an initial appointment.
If, upon discussing your current health it is apparent that your eating behaviours may be affecting your physical wellbeing, you will be recommended to see your GP and a referral would be appropriate in this circumstance. With your permission, Tara will liaise regularly with your GP should your health be a cause for concern.

For Dietetic Service Rebates:

Tara is a registered provider with all of the major health funds as an Accredited Practising Dietitian. If you are seeing Tara for Dietetic services you will be issued with a receipt on payment of your session which you can present for rebate to your health fund depending on your level of cover.

You can claim a medicare rebate for 5 sessions per 12 months if you are eligible for an EPC referral from your GP. You will need to discuss this with your GP and present the relevant paperwork to Tara at your session. You can claim the rebate by presenting your payment receipt at a Medicare office or sending to Medicare by post. The rebate covers a portion of the sessional fee which you can verify with Medicare. Tara does not bulk bill.

For Counselling/Psychotherapy Service Rebates:

Australian Unity Health offers rebates for counselling for its members who have Life Choice and Life Choice Plus policies. You are strongly advised to clarify this with Australian Unity prior to your booking to ensure this information is current and relevant to your policy

You cannot claim counselling services with Medicare

Monday 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 9.30am – 6pm

Thursday 8am – 5pm

$170.00 per 1 hour session. This is inclusive of GST for supervision services

$100 per half hour session (only for nutrition counselling review sessions when appropriate)

Fees are payable at the completion of each session. Cash/Cheque/EFT Transfer ONLY.  No eftpos or Credit Card.

Fees are subject to change each financial year. These fees are current for the 2017-18 financial year

Your appointment time is set aside for your exclusive use. Tara requires 24 hours notice of a cancellation or 50% of the full fee is payable for the missed session. This fee will only be withheld in exceptional circumstances or if your session is rebooked in an available space within the same week. Please note that the cancellation fee is not claimable through your health fund.